A word to the wise:  Never, ever tell 34 year-old model/actress Jay Faabulousone that she cannot do certain genres in modeling or acting because of her size.  She will make you eat your words by showing you that she can and will take it to the next level.  Jay makes it known that she is unapologetically proud of the skin she is in and her full-figure will not deter her from her goals.

The 5’10” curvaceous Philly stunner is a chameleon when it comes to her modeling.   Artistic nudes, beauty, erotic, fashion, runway, commercial…this lady does it all and with a smile on her lovely mocha baby face.  She has worked with several photographers such as Saddi Khali and Syd Redmond. As for acting, Jay is currently on location filming her debut movie, Fried Rice, which features her as the main character, Tasty.   The film is scheduled for release this summer.

I had a brief interview with Jay asking her thoughts about sexuality and art.

Sepia: What are your views about sexuality and art?

Jay Faabulousone: I feel that the 2 go hand in hand as they both can represent creative freedom and visions.  A lot of ways you can express your sexuality IS through art.

S: Who are your biggest influences in modeling and acting?

JF: Hmmmm…I would say as far as modeling goes, Velvet D’ Amour hailing from Paris.  She’s a beautiful plus size model that never let her size determine how far she can go.  I mean…she was the first plus size model to rip Jean-Paul Gautier’s runway.  She’s fearless.  She’s also very in tune with her body and sexuality.  She has no shame; makes no apologies for who she is and I admire that about her…a lot.  As far as acting…I can’t think of anyone…lol sorry.

S: If you could have a moment with one of your influences, who would it be? How would you spend it?

JF: It would definitely be Velvet.  She’s branched out into photography and I feel she has an incredible eye and an amazing mind so I’m waiting for the day to be in front of her camera…and shoot nudes of course! LOL!

S: With the sexually challenging roles that we’ve seen in Hollywood in the last 25 years, (i.e. Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball and Lisa Bonet in Angel Heart) could you see yourself taking on these provocative roles and surpassing them?  Could you ever feel as passionate as actress Chloe Sevigny had done in her role in The Brown Bunny (There’s controversy about her sucking Vincent Gallo’s dick during a love scene. lol)?

JF: I would say yes.  I’m not opposed to doing love scenes lol.  It would definitely be empowering for me and I mean it’s something that happens in everyday life.  I would love to do a love scene, especially with me being a plus size actress.  You just don’t see that much.  We are always the sidekicks to the friend that IS getting busy and we hear the stories lol.  I would love to show that we are desirable too you know…

S: Do you feel that your sexuality is iconic?

JF: Iconic? Hmmm I believe it can be…

In all honesty, she is very well on her way to reach the iconic status.  Be on the lookout for this rising star!


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  1. Michael Miguel 9 years ago

    Breathtaking. Love this model and the photography. More please!

  2. Christian Hume 9 years ago

    Love this!!!

  3. Jay Faab 9 years ago

    Thank you very much! It is an honor to be featured!

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