“Natasha smiles.

“And when it she smiles it’s the type of smile that feels like its on the precipice of a great, hearty burst of laughter. It was one of the things that intrigued me about her and inspired me to want create captures with her. She was open yet hesitant. She told me she’d never saw herself in front of the camera; not in the way that we do in Pangea. But she was curious and I was inspired and once we started, I felt Natasha became inspired as well. We had fun creating these images and I hope you like them. I did another shoot with Natasha as a result of the positivity of this experience. I look forward to shooting with her again in the future.”


“Before I arrived I was super nervous.

“I take pics out with friends, but nothing in a professional setting. I had seen the absolutely stunning earth sista series and never thought I would have any of what it takes to be one of them. They give off this regal, beautiful aura that I did not think I had in me. When I arrived at the Goat Farms I felt an overwhelming sense of artistry. The places makes you want to discover the unknown artist within. I was still nervous but became more at ease. When Vincent and I started the session I was definitely apprehensive, but Vincent made me feel extremely comfortable and my fear dissipated. As we got into the shoot, I began to develop more confidence with posing and with my body. As he shared more photos, I really liked what I saw. I began to actually feel beautiful. Once the shoot was over I felt extremely satisfied with the results. I love each and every shot and I definitely want to do it again. Vincent made me look and feel beautiful and what woman doesn’t want to feel that at least once in her life??”


Often, we hear of conversations of inspiration with sistas about the Garden. Photographers are inspired by a sista’s presence and/or she is curious and inspired by the images in Pangea and this leads to discussions creating captures of afrosensual glamour, possibly as earthSistas. It takes a level of boldness to step in front of the camera, baring your natural beauty for the world to see. And such an action is not for everyone. But every woman should have the opportunity to explore her inner Afrocentric diva. Thirty Minutes in the Garden is a way to do that from an afrosensual perspective.

Would you spend Thirty Minutes in the Garden? Click here and let us know.



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