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Kenyada Stalls of Suppers Served works with Phuzion Media Group to share her secrets for making the perfect piece of Salmon without drying it out. Suppers Served is a home-cooking service that uses the freshest ingredients to create beautiful, healthy meals, customized to fit any dietary needs. Crafting a customized meal involves more than personalizing your pizza, Suppers Served offers dinnertime meals that are sure to have you feeling as if mom were in the kitchen.

Suppers Served is a Personal Chef Service that specializes in fusing international and southern style cuisine with a healthy twist that is plated with restaurant style elegance. Enjoy the best parts of home-cooking — fresh ingredients, healthy meals, and rich flavors — without spending tons of time in the kitchen or cleaning up huge messes. Instead, trust owner and chef Kenyada’s expertise to make meals that cater to your dietary needs and flavor preferences. Sage-roasted pork loin chops, zucchini-stuffed chicken, vegetarian Alfredo made with seitan, and broccoli cornbread — you won’t find these on your plate if you’re ordering pizza.

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Fillet of salmon with asparagus

“Hands down Kenyada Stalls (Suppers Served) is one of the best chefs/caterers in Atlanta!  I have had the pleasure of having Kenyada cater multiple events and prepare meals for me.  Regardless to the size of the event, the menu is always unique, the food is fresh and the service is impeccable.”
Matisha Wiggins

Being southern raised Kenyada says it was only natural that she would grow to have a trained palate for good food.  Stalls’ mother, one of her greatest influences (being a caterer / party planner), nurtured her love for cooking at an early age.  This would led to throwing amazing dinner parties for friends that included themes and international cuisine.

After more than ten years in the hospitality industry cooking, entertaining and creating signature cocktails for devoted clientele, Kenyada’s southern style home-cooking had transformed into more of a restaurant style cooking. She’s constantly researching new recipes and new techniques to keep current with food trends today. Through Suppers Served, Kenyada seeks to create outstanding meals tailored to your palate and dietary needs, then delivered to your door.

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