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pgp304: Nate Tyler…”a woman’s true self…”

pgp304: Nate Tyler…”a woman’s true self…”

“I love the things that make our sisters who they are and I do my best to capture that with my lens. Shooting with me isn’t so much about posing as it is about capturing a moment in time of a woman’s true self. I call it the transition point. That spot when a woman goes from angel to sinner, from happy to sad, from afraid to brave.”

an excerpt from Nate Tyler’s Artist’s Statement

Tyler’s works are explorations that walk that line between art and glamour. Running the gamut from tongue-in-cheek to high drama, his images reflect levels of versatility and creativity that project his professional flexibility in the face of a wide variety of subject matter or content. He elevates the natural, afrocentric aesthetic, proving its viability in pop culture.

But he doesn’t stop there. Tyler continues to push the wall, breaking boundaries to explore his artform. And while he is always quick to pay homage to those who came before and inspired him, Nate’s voice is distinctive and his work already inspires some to be like him and others to be captured by him. These works are a sampling of his Artist’s Statement. Check out more of his work along with full statement by clicking here.

So Nate, what’s next?