I really should not say this but Pangea’s events are the bane of  my existence.  I mean it, really. They are SO chaotic and organic and stressful. They eat up too much of my time, making it difficult to maintain any semblance of an editorial schedule for the website. The events are always demanding. The earthSistas! THEY ARE DEMANDING! There are SO MANY last minute changes, mishaps and … ‘organic infusions of happenstance.’  I am always worried that the audience won’t appreciate our vision. I never have a true clue of how the night is going to go until it happens and I am stressed OUT until its finally over.

WildOrchid and PrincessYEME getting good sax - Devon Barrington Allen

WildOrchid and PrincessYEME getting good sax from Zdany Chisholm – Devon Barrington Allen

The thing is I would not trade them for the world. It is my opportunity to share with other creatives the muses that always inspire me. And it’s a chance to see afrosensual beauty through their eyes. And as we approach one of the infamous events tomorrow, this is a look back at last month’s Pangea experience at the Apache Cafe. It was a chaotic but not as chaotic as it had been in the past thanks to a lot of behind-the-scenes help from earthSista WildOrchid (formerly Sindel, more on that later.) She had the clever idea of a FELA theme and she worked with the other earthSistas to make it happen. There was a lot more polish, an incredible turnout and beautifully inspired captures.

And I learned… maybe I was reminded… of a few important points. The earthSistas are demanding; typically strong, intelligent and beautiful women are. They are muses that inspire us to step above where were before. They chaos is the nature of creativity. And ‘organic infusions of happenstance’ make the nights memorable.

But I’ve talked too much. These are NOT my works. They are the captures of several of the photographers that came out that night. Much love to Anthony Westmoreland, Bobby Williams, Dave Evans, Devon Barrington Allen, Keenan Wright, Lennie Reid, Seats Yesyes and Zdany Chisholm. Fantastic captures all around. I hope to see you all Monday Feb 10 at the Apache Cafe for LuvJonez.


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