Last Friday [10/12/12] night I went to check the Needle To The Record DJ Competition over at the A3C Hip Hop  Festival at Masquerade. When I got to Masquerade I went to check out the festival before I went in to the Needle To The Record  part. I caught the very tail end of the Wu Tang  performance, then I went upstairs to the Red Bull stage checked out a performance for a quick second , then I went downstairs to and got situated for the competition. The special guest judges for the evening were Dj Swiftee and Presyce , and were were treated to have Hip Hop legends Kool Dj Red Alert , and Teddy Tedd , and hosted by Ms. Dia from WRFG . It was a quick simple format , 6 Dj’s with one shot to show their skills.

The first two that were up was Dj Logic , and Dj Aquaria the only woman in the competition. Then next up was Boi Jeanius and Dj Azul . And the last two were Dj Razah and Dj Flipflop. Between the Dj sets Dj Cha Cha Jones kept the crowd into the party with her selections , then Dj Shiftee, 2009 DMC Champion and King James, 2011 Needle To The Record Champion gave a turntable performance . Then it was time to crown the winner of the competition and Dj Flipflop was crowned the winner of the Needle To The Record competition. And he won a bunch of cool gear from Native Instruments .  And Dj Ghost came on to close the night out, I had a good time that night at the competition and the festival, but enough of me lets see the pics.


John Crooms
“Everybody’s Favorite Photographer”

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Vincent C, a simple gardener

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