EXCERPT “How to Build A People’s Army” by Kalonji Changa (www.ftpmovement.ning.com):

Everything that exists within the universe has an order and anything that doesn’t have an order is chaotic. Whether we are dealing with reproduction, how we breathe, how we eat or how we walk, there is an order as to how things work. Taking on the task of being a community organizer, a freedom fighter, a revolutionary or what have you is no different. You must organize yourself, your immediate family, your extended family and then the masses. You start with your house, your community, your city and on from there. At times it could be a very difficult task but with practice comes growth…

A Few Things That You Can Do Today to Change Your Family’s Reality

  • Communicate with your childrenIf for whatever reasons you absolutely cannot be there today call them. That phone call from you, just hearing your voice, means more than you can imagine. Children love to talk, pay attention and you will learn something.
  • Take them on outings – Some of the fondest memories I have in regards to my father are just taking trips or even simple walks. You don’t have to have a whole lot of money in most cities, there are plenty of parks. I haven’t met a child yet that doesn’t dig the park or a regular old playground.
  • Give them positive affirmations – Be sure to consistently shower the babies with positive affirmations. Positive affirmations aid in strengthening their self-esteem and also to build their character. It helps them to be more aware and focused which will carry them a long way.
  • Transform your “B M” or “Baby Mama” into a Queen – I frequently hear Brothers complaining  that the mothers of their children aren’t conscious. My response is simply you knew that when you first lay down with her. Granted in some cases you may have ventured into this bold new way of thinking after the fact, but we are still responsible for our actions and inactions. In some cases, brothers want to change the game in the 9th inning, the Sister was used to certain standards (that you agreed with) and then all of a sudden you read a book and you want all the previous rules to go out the window. That’s not how it works. If your relationship with your child’s mother is irreparable, then at best you can treat her in as high regard and with as much respect as possible. Regardless of whatever she is or whatever she’s not, one thing for certain is that she is the mother of your child. On that alone, out of respect for your child, she should be honored. Treat her like your B M and you will get those types of results. Respect her as a Queen Mother and she just may operate as such.
  • Respect your parents – I have actually gotten into a couple of physical altercations with dudes that yelled at and cursed their mothers out in front of me, and these were so-called conscious folks. Even if you disagree with them, as your parents they are due a certain level of respect.
  • Respect your family’s beliefs – I see some brothers and sisters that get caught up in the whole religious debate issue. My position is what you eat don’t make me shit. Whatever floats your boat. I am not going to spend my time arguing about religion. I can’t say I respect my Elders and my Ancestors and I know for a fact that some of them were and still are Christians, but yet I spend my whole life bashing Christianity. My point is that if your family has certain gatherings, holidays or whatever, just because you don’t celebrate or participate, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attend. You should take every opportunity possible to spend time with your family. You don’t have to believe as they believe just to fellowship. I know people who read three books and now all of a sudden everybody is savage but them, because they don’t eat meat or celebrate holidays. Mess me with that shit! If you are privileged to have a family, you know that’s one of the few things that are certain. Show your family love.
  • The family [becomes an] extended family, a family beyond an individual’s lineage or household. The family is camaraderie on a higher level even beyond your basic comrades. The family is revolution without having to say revolution. It exists and to some extent moves in a stealth like manner. It is the type of organization that does not have a name or at least it doesn’t have a name that is broadcast to the masses… We call that the “family ties principle”… the taking of the concept of family and bringing into fruition a close knit, clandestine cadre made of members that build together. The family bonds together mentally, spiritually, physically and economically.

    A few ways to strengthen the family ties principle:

  • Communal livingCommunalism serves several purposes. You have the opportunity to practice cooperative economics, responsibility and accountability (whether it is through sharing of duties, which would include chores, bill payments, etc.) Communal living is a sure way to know one another beyond the public image or persona.
  • Train together – As our Comrade Balogun Abegundee is fond of saying, “the mat is the truth.” Training together through exercise and workout routines, martial arts, on the range, archery, paintball and contact sports helps to build character, teamwork and it also encourages and aids in strengthening weaknesses as individuals and as a unit.
  • Study together – Oftentimes we find folks who invent every excuse in the world to avoid political education and group study. Especially in these days and times where we have such heavy low-intensity warfare being waged through so-called “advanced forms of technology”. Even on the battlefield, comrades like Che Guevara was so serious about political education classes that he wouldn’t even allow his troops that missed classes to participate in certain activities. Show me a cadre that does not make a concerted effort to engage his/herself in regular group study and I will show you someone who is not serious about liberation.
  • Road trips – Taking long distance trips together can reveal a lot about a person. It teaches about a person’s level of patience, discipline, respect and values. In many cases after a nice long trip or two, the average comrade will have learned more about another than most previous encounters.
  • Remember that a family that lives together, trains together, studies together and plays together, will better function together. Peace to all those who do good!

    “How to Build A People’s Army” by Kalonji Changa can be purchased at http://ftpmovement.ning.com/

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