My life is known as QueenSoulSista.

QueenSoulSista has been my spoken word performance name since 2008. Always expressing the Soul of a Queenly Sista. One proud of who she is wholeheartedly.

I’m a Baltimore native, natural, locked, strong, well-spoken, spiritual, star searching, determined, loving Woman. The World will never know what a Queen it has until she Steps forth and delivers her blessings to them. I am ME . I am more of the Natural hippie chic, metro casual, urban, vintage, galactic goddess inside her own realm. Very different & extremely eclectic. Never caring what anyone things. My main accessories in life. I’d rather live my life naked in my natural, beautiful skin…. I’m a multi-talented, always moving magnet artist! I’m never stuck doing one thing! A freelance visual artist, tattoo artist, poet, clothing designer, dancer, writer, activist, model, natural organic feaster, & deep lover of self, Him & Life.

* Most of my photos were recently taken in my favorite natural setting, home with my King. We did a natural shoot (with his Motorola tablet).. just having fun and being comfortable in each others eyes… Me wearing his shirt, fulfilling some fantasies of our own. These are my favorite images when sitting at home, inside of our Black Locked Love.


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  1. Sepia 9 years ago

    Loved the images, QueenSoulSista! 🙂

  2. Takisha Wise 9 years ago

    Thank you Sepia

  3. PassionPoet 7 years ago

    This was funky and fun! LOVED IT!

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