“I never feel like people should box themselves into any one concept.  That goes for jobs, clothes or relationships.  Just live.”

From SirReal

Kia Chenelle & Christiana Maria Greene are fancy girls with not-so-fancy pockets.  They call themselves Pretty in Penury and they are the stylish yet thrifty shoppers behind everyone’s new favorite style blog.  Collectively, they have backgrounds in styling, modeling, and photography.  But apart from all that, it’s my pleasure to actually introduce them to you as friends of mine.

We got together on what felt like one of the coldest days we’ve had this unusually generous winter.  What makes it worse is that neither of them were expecting to be shooting outside.  I figured I should take the blame for that since every two minutes of shooting they reminded me just how cold it was.  But being the considerate person I am, I made it snappy.


Like I said, we’re friends, so the shoot was hardly business as usual.  Mixed in was a lot of chilling, laughing, eating, and conversation centered around topics such as the challenges of maintaining a style blog that stands out from the rest, the difference between good will and vintage, or how great a snack peanut butter and jelly sandwiches make.

Yes, when times are hard, that’s what your diet may sometimes look like.  Which brings us back to the main point.  Penury by definition means extreme poverty.  While I can assure you that neither of these women are impoverished, none of us can afford to not be more careful with our paychecks now-a-days.  But when it comes to fashion, too many of us believe that we should spare no expense to catch the eye of a new love interest or leave a good impression on a potential employer.  Pretty in Penury prove that you don’t have to.  If you really want to be honest, the expensive name brand stuff really aren’t that hot and wearing them doesn’t make you stand out.  Thinking outside of the box is what separates you from a stylish person and just a fashionable one.


With all that said, I think I’ve pretty much described to you just what makes Pretty in Penury our new Signature Style feature.

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  1. Jasmine Gillispie 9 years ago

    these ladies r dope!

  2. Sepia 9 years ago

    Great series! I really dig these ladies’ styles.

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