Jew’el is wearing a red and white polka dot button up collared blouse, and a black pencil skirt accentuated with two vertical zippers that taper around the knees.  She is really rocking this retro look; it’s classic, chic, and cool.  Her shoes are red patent leather sandals with a corkscrew heel.  Ms. Jew’el finished her look with a red bandanna and a two-tone brimmed straw hat.  All of her jewelry was provided by NOBELLA CREATIONS.

BLO– USE purchased at GOODWILL
SHOES purchased at GOODWILL
JEWELRY purchased at
HAT purchased at GAP
LACE GLOVES purchased at a beauty supply store


Luna is wearing an orange ruffle halter top accompanied with a ruffle black pencil skirt.  She chose to accentuate the two pieces with a retro African woven leather belt that matches the camel colored sandal boots.  This look is really chic and timeless.  She is giving you a little African and a little Mexican at the same time.  All of her jewelry was provided by NOBELLA CREATIONS.

SKIRT purchased at ROSS
SHOES purchased at GOODWILL
JEWELRY purchased at

The Stroll…

About LotusLove

Hailing from an artistically socio-political family out of Milwaukee, the twins were inspired by their mother and grandmother’s musical and theater productions. Exposure to diversity and culture expanded their receptivity and advanced their appreciation of the arts early on. Defined and driven to fulfill their purpose, these songbirds not only mesmerize with their unique and in-sync harmonies, they inevitably uplift their audience with an unassuming and clever approach. Currently, they are preparing to record their debut album and gearing up for a national tour of the U.S.

Nobella Creations

Nobella’s talent has cultivated the Garden since the beginning. Indeed, she styled and adorned many EarthSistas and her vision as an Artist has heavily influenced the look, the feel, the very essence of the Garden. She is one of Pangea’s visionary seeds. Patricia demonstrates a passion for art by depicting the world around her in creative and colorful ways. She started doing local art shows in the city of New Orleans where she sold most of her work. Now, living in Atlanta’s historic West End where she continues to paint and make exquisite jewelry, she even incorporating her jewelry into her paintings. Her works are displayed in cafes, restaurants and private homes.

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