earthSistas KireiNa and Nia decided to take the time celebrate Nia’s artistry on KireiNa’s coiffure with photoshoot and Atlanta’s Arabia Mountain was the backdrop. The day proved to be quite inspiring because what began as opportunity to get a few simple head shots of an earthSista’s portrait led to a full on glamour shoot on stone.

Nia, who brought her own camera [and whose shots I hope to show you at some point] caught the inspiration bug as she guided KireiNa beyond the simple head and shoulder to full on fashion fashion poses. KireiNa became inspired and decided to dance [which led to a collection of images that you can see by clicking HERE.] I became inspired and ended creating an earthSista image set [which can be seen by clicking HERE.]

It was not planned. We were all open to what always came next but it started with the KireiNa’s head and shoulders and ended with earthSistas on the rocks. All in all… it was  good day. Would you agree?