An instagram montage of the evening.

It was earthSista Nambi‘s first night at the Apache Cafe and Lounge. She and earthBrotha Stitch brought a young sista with them to Apache’s Art Monday where an artists’ model stands on the podium, posing, while artists and photographers create works inspired by his or her poses. It was a typical Monday night for the spot. For Nambi and Stitch and friend, it was their first time ever really visiting the spot. And Nambi was the muse. Not having been in this environment before, she was confident, yet apprehensive.

The artists and photographers responded positively. Stitch (being the attention hog that he is LOL) joined her on the podium and she visibly found comfort in his presence. The young sista that joined them was inspired as well. She joined Stitch on the podium when Nambi took her break and started to give some thought to joining them in Pangea’s Garden as a earthSista.

Nambi was a work of art. Inspiring the artists and photographers, inspiring her friends to join her, the dark and lovely earthSista even inspired one of the artist to strike a pose for the creatives.