“This shoot was a total depiction of free. While Vincent caught the essence of who I embodied, Kenya caught the whole pictorial of how a woman should feel. Women in today’s society overlook some of their best qualities because they are focused on “whats in”. While posing my mind crossed the mental boundaries of what society expects a model to look like. After the shoot I fell in love with myself all over again.”

–  Elicionne

“Elicionne was such an inspiration. Even though she is a natural in front of the camera, this shoot was an exploration for her. She is naturally sexy with the ability to deliver a level of intensity when she shoots that makes for fierce glamorous images. In this shoot, though… along with all of that… she also displayed a level of fragility and vulnerability that it was intimate and inviting. You could feel her testing new waters and the liberation she drew from it. She loved herself… and she made you want to do the same: Love her and yourself too. Hopefully, we will do this again.

–  Vincent