Sassy, moody, talkative. She is that sista that makes the scene and leaves an impression. MoreEssence will get in you face and engage you. Upbeat and full of  ‘tude, she is that earthMother who watches out for her own. MoreEssence makes her own way and commands proper respect. This earthMother is a loving soul who has had her share of difficulty and pain; difficulties that leave those little nicks and cuts on your spirit. But when you see her, you see a woman enjoying life, exploring self and building a bright future for herself and her loved ones. She is a lioness with vision. And she’s that woman who, when she leaves a room, no one wants to see her go and everybody knows her name.  MoreEssense, the little lioness, talks a little about her interest today. And soon this new earthMother will share her artful images with us.