What is your Afrosensual Portrait?

Have you ever had someone ask you to send them a recent camera phone pic…Maybe they are no longer satisfied with one you know they already have…They want one of you wherever and however you are…So you go to the mirror get your angle right try to flip your hair or throw on some lip gloss really quick and try to be as cute as possible…


Were you feeling cute one day, on your way out the door…or just getting out of the shower…so you break out the camera and snap away…No one around to make you feel like you have to pose this way or that way… So you just do you and snap away…

Well, show us how you see yourself in your camera… What is your AfroSensual Portrait…


The UdoU Series…


The UdoU Series focuses on how Sistas see themselves; creating captures of their own Afrocentric beauty and sensuality. We invite you to participate by using your own SLR camera or your Point-and-Shoot Kodak, even your camera phone. We want you to capture you. We are not asking for professional works but we are looking for images that are 1)Afrocentric, 2)Creative and 3)Focus on your form as well as your face. We expect these images to be demure as well as uninhibited, intense as well as humorous, passionate as well as reserved.

Please submit 10-20 pictures and include your:

  • Name
  • earthSista Name (and why you chose it)
  • Email
  • Phone
  • A short bio telling us a what you want to share about who you are and what you do.
  • Your thoughts behind your captures

Please send your images and response to udou@pangeasgarden .com


The images will be posted to The Pangea’s Garden Project (Pangea’s main blog.) A panel of earthSistas will select entries from the Series that we want to follow-up with a professional artistic shoot. The series is part of the My Pangea campaign and is intended to be a Liberation Celebration of the candid yet sensual beauty of these images.

Are you ready to share your Afrosensual Portraits?

  1. Kirei Na 12 years ago


  2. SHE 12 years ago

    Love it too! Can’t wait to see what is created here in the garden.

  3. NUBNQN 12 years ago

    What an awesome concept! I love nothing more than doing me…c me soon!

  4. saddi khali 12 years ago

    great concept. looking 4ward 2 the submissions.

  5. Jhavia Nicole 12 years ago

    Very nice concept 🙂

  6. Neal Wyms 10 years ago

    awesome idea.artistic,sensual people photograph themselves ans share pics anyway. I like it!

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