The Garden has been going through a lot of changes this year. But I guess that’s always the way, right? A Garden should always be growing, changing, embracing all things new as an opportunity to evolve into something more beautiful. Several new faces with new unique visions of what Afrosensuality is, all loving the culture that cultivates it.

Take my brother, MARLEY here. An aspiring, young videographer he’s come to several of our new events year, capturing the moods and the vibes of the space we’ve endeavored to create. We created a meetup called Pangea’s Shooters Lounge; an opportunity where we all come together to drink, smoke and collab on creating captures of #afrosensuality. When checked the Shooters Lounge he called it a joint of “…positive vibes every time we meet, always encouraging #selflove and #selfexpression thru our visuals and we definitely showed that thru this event…”

He brings #datfeelin to the videos he creates. Check out a few of his behind-the-scenes works here in PangeaTV and drop a line let us know what you think.

On this episode of #MusesAndMusic we have the #multitalented @Someofsunray as our #muse today as we caught up with her in this #BehindTheScenes capture of Pangea’s Shooters Lounge where we come together to chill and collab on creating images of #afrosensuality

On this episode of #MusesAndMusic by aisle3films we are joined by @meow_mula (earthSista Nambi on Pangea’s Garden) in this behind the scenes look at our Shooters Lounge event at Apache@Murphy Park in Atlanta.

On this episode of #MusesAndMusic we have the bold and beautiful #earthSistas DenovaJOY (known on IG as @heyyy_bighead_) is our #muse as we caught up with her our Shooters Lounge where we all come together to drink, smoke and collab on creating captures of #afrosensuality

Pangeas Shooters Lounge is the social shooting event that allows Pangea’s photography community to network, cut loose and create creative and quality images. We push the envelope, break the mold and redefine what others think of beauty, art, glamour. Join us and you are in for an opportunity of sensually artistic interactive experiences designed to provoke, inspire and arouse you. We have a couple of events coming up soon. Drop a comment if you’d like to join us.


What is your Afrosensual Portrait? Were you feeling cute one day, on your way out the door…or just getting out of the shower…so you break out the camera and snap away…No one around to make you feel like you have to pose this way or that way… So you just do you and snap away… Well, show us how you see yourself in your camera… The UdoU Series focuses on how Sistas see themselves; creating captures of their own Afrocentric beauty and sensuality. We invite you to participate by using your own SLR camera or your Point-and-Shoot Kodak, even your camera phone. We want you to capture you.



When it comes to art, food, fashion, health, fitness music, culture and society Pangea’s Garden continues to bring you the culture that cultivates. We actively strive to be your Afrosensual nexus of ideas, images, commentary, participation and events that inspire, provoke, entertain and actively engage you. If you love what you see here and desire to see more, please consider signing up for a premium membership. It grants you access to ALL of the Garden’s content and you will be one of the Cultivators of the vision that we’ve ALL planted & grown in Pangea.




The Afrosensual Aesthetic is the GardenVoice that pushes the limits and deepens the perspective. It is still be done from a position of respect, pride and joy, but here we will be able to explore themes that don’t quite fit within the earthSista box. Its is a place for the sensual lovermakers and the premium cultivators. Check it out and share your thoughts and ideas and passions.




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