At a relatively steady pace they all trickled in over the span of a couple of hours. Coming out of the frigid cold of a January winter night in Atlanta various artists and photographers made their way to city’s Apache Cafe and Lounge, all looking for random, organic moments of inspiration and community over food and drink. DJ Bluue joined us for the night, masterfully rolling out hypnotic melodies of retro and neo soul. But this night was little different. If you didn’t know, on the second Monday of every month, the earthSistas (and sometimes the earthBrothas) step to a podium to be the inspiration for artists and models looking to kickback and create. earthSista YEME is one of the earthSistas who has posed for these creatives on several occasions. But on this Monday night we launched a few changes, one of which included YEME having the new roll of Host for the evening as we reached out to the non-artists who simple come out for the music, food, drink and ambiance. For them it’s a different kind of date night. We wanted to reached out to them and have them use ART as opportunity for intimacy. We wanted them to feel included as the inspired and the inspiration by providing them with the tools for creativity at their tables and providing them with the chance to step in front up to the podium or on the stage in front of the camera. We even had a plan for a love/art therapy session.

But on this first night of Pangea’s AfroSocial 2.0 where new earthSista Namün was the M– USE for the evening and we had an unexpected high number of artists come to be inspired so we didn’t get try our love/art games this time around but maybe next month. DJ Bluue will return, YEME will be our host and the featured M– USE for the evening will RAINE … during LuvJonez!

These are a few of my captures from the night. I look forward to seeing more from some of the other photographers of the night.