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pgp394: 30 minutes in the Garden with Chanel.Black

pgp394: 30 minutes in the Garden with Chanel.Black

Chanel.Black – epic, afrosensual & fierce 

She spent her 30 Minutes in the Garden styled as though she was stepping out of the Matrix and into a tutu. And she was creatively fierce the whole time.

Creative fierceness. That describes her style to a tee. In the backyard of Atlanta’s Goat Farm, she strode defiantly against the deconstructed backdrop with a supremely cool attitude that could kill. Her style was ferocious and strong and her eyes were piercing and maybe ‘hungry for some truth or justice.’ She meditated and reveled in the moment before she changed it up. Donning a little more than a tutu, Chanel.Black playfully teased the camera and yet never lost her fierceness. There’s something epic about her; almost mythic. She was like a warrior; like an amazon. On this day we captured the myth in a contemporary setting. Maybe, next time we can match the myth to the warrior woman. Next time.