It was an erotic story I wrote last Spring, When I sat down with Nala and remy the ECCENTRICsoul to plan our shoot, we decided to build a visual concept around my story. We were going to take an artistic interpretation the story with me as a writer toiling away with the story, Nala as my manifested imagination, and Remy behind the lens being the “eyes” of the male character by creating a series of dramatic images.  However, it ended up being more of a celebration of our diverse and natural Black beauty. The contrast of our lovely natural crowns, the shades of our brown skin and the serenity of our sensuality were brilliantly captured through laughs, holding various poses for few minutes at a time and sweating under bright lighting.  The outcome of our labor is something that we are all proud to share as a part of the Afrosensual Aesthetic.  Imagination is a powerful feature that we possess and ensnares us to produce unforgettable works of art.


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  1. remy da`neil 10 years ago

    it has been said,” a plan can fail, but purpose will succeed, for you do not plan purpose ” beauty is not a plan identity, but an identity purpose to manifest truth, being our appreciation, our lust, our awareness of self & others, our jealousy, and simply our love. humbled by the opportunity of working with sepia & nala, i realized it was not the beauty i was seeing with my eyes that made this experience extraordinary, but the beauty within these two beautiful black women that did so…

    thank you , thank you , nala & sepia


  2. Author
    Sepia 10 years ago

    Thank you Remy for your words and capturing these beautiful images. 🙂

  3. Tyrone Cunningham 10 years ago

    These pictures shows the beauty of our shades from the surface to t depths of our dark deep well. Beautiful models.

  4. Author
    Sepia 9 years ago

    Thank you, Tyrone. 😀

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