It has been a beautiful day of reflection and appreciation; an opportunity to take the time to contemplate the impact of those who brought us into this world. To the mothers who have made it happen… who have climbed the ladder of success to provide for those they love and nurture, Thank You. To the mothers who struggle in these trying times and sacrifice so that their children can strive for more than they have, Thank you. And for all of those in between, Thank you. And for the mothers, who try as they may, but simply can’t make it and for those who simply can’t find their way, you are in our prayers.

On The New Black Woman, I read, “Mother’s Day is not about praising one faction of mothers while ignoring and downplaying other groups of women who don’t fit the traditional mode of what a mother is supposed to look and act like. Motherhood isn’t simplistic and monolithic, so our Mother’s Day shout outs shouldn’t be relegated to one group of mothers over another. We need to embrace and praise all the mothers out there on this day set aside to worship them.”

To true. Much love Mothers…

Coming up in the Garden, earthSista SHE has been busy building enterprises founded in creativity. SHE is making things happen and soon this beautiful earthMother will share the details with us.

And speaking of enterprising sistas, Leanne ‘Bosslady’ Dolce, threw a party to celebrate the move of the headquarters of her fabulous publication Naptural Roots Magazine from Seattle to the ATL. We were on site with the For Real Tho! team to enjoy the party and talk to Leanne.

That selfishly impatient raw ball of rebel energy (who happens to LOVE the camera!!!!) shares a collection of self-captures for the UdoU Series. earthSista BelaMenina makes, what looks to be a visual statement on tabloid paparazzi. Wait ’til you see what she has to say.

The earthSistas GreenRose and FlowerChild return for another nature stroll around the lake and in the woods. They show off their pretty dress and whisper secrets in the trees. Its a fun -illed afternoon.

And SirReal returns with provocative images for the Afrosensual Aesthetic. Striking and creative, offbeat and sensual, Dexter continues his growth as an artist and its exciting to see where his muses take him.

But back to the Mothers… or, at least one Mother in particular. RenegadeBarbie. The tattooed & pierced earthMother is unconventional to say the least. But she is a Mother nonetheless. Loving, nurturing, giving. The loud and raucous Diva is a family woman, pure and simple. She is the mother of three now, but when we did this she had two with one on the way. It was a lovely day for family, like today. A great way to end the day, don’t you think?

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  1. Henna 9 years ago

    I absolutely love this set I cant wait to do a shoot with my upcoming addition to the world 🙂

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