Paul Branton

It has never been a secret that most of my direct influences as a child has come from strong Black women.

My childhood consisted of one father, one uncle and one grandfather. The other 99% of my large family were black women in all colors, shapes and personalities.

Which really explains my ease and comfort in the presence of women. It was inevitable that these influences would find their way into my art.

The springboard for some of my most powerful images has come through the muse of an up-and-coming sista in the Garden.

Through her striking natural image, a series of paintings were born called Urban Queen. It’s a series I plan to continue for a very long time.

Who I am..

I’m an artist that started expressing myself first through paint & color many years ago – but has since explored poetry, music and film.

I am a father of 3 beautiful children and consider that my greatest job – one that i can not fail at.

I come from a very close family on both sides and would never want to change that.

I am a chronic thinker (and dreamer)

I always need stimulation from music or art or film – something new or old to spark me – i need sonstant fuel to feel whole.

  1. Sepia 10 years ago

    Wow…I love his paintings. Red is such a beautiful muse. 🙂

  2. Eclectic Alexandria 10 years ago

    I love it!

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