Above and left: Leonard Herring sets the stage for the next few captures with earthSistas Sindel, Sekhmet and Nambi

Over the summer we hosted a group photoshoot that carried the theme, FELA’s Beauty, and we featured images from the event HERE. Pangea has a history of creatives who, on occasion, have created captures with this cultural aesthetic in mind and in this case, photographers Lori Branch, Bobby Williams, Kenya Durden, Leonard Herring and myself  created an inspired collection of Afrocentric sensuality, beauty and glamour in the traditional sense of the word.

Tradition may be too confining a word to those whose minds are colonized. However we were not afraid to break the confines of ‘tradition’ when it came to exploring innovative ways of creating captures. From a photography perspective we manipulated the lighting, dramatically playing with color techniques to add an edge to the imagery. And from a styling perspective, Lori Branch brought her own collection of adornments so the look went from Afrobeat to pure African.

Photographer Lori Branch, whose collection of adornments put the African in this Afrobeat themed shoot, steps up to create a few images of her own.

earthSistas WildOrchid, Nambi and Sekhmet had all been styled and adorned by Nobella Creations. Nobella was unable to participate in the shoot and that was really too bad. I missed her and I think she would have enjoyed the behind-the-scenes experience that was filled with afrobeat music, playful laughter and joy-filled libations. It was serious work, yes, but it was also very relaxed.

Photographer Bobby Williams, who has always had a long positive relationship with many of the earthSistas in the Garden, prepares to create images as the young divas muse humorously.

The Pangea Meet & Greets are opportunities for people of the afrosensual community to come together, network and create and we do not have them often enough. Since this shoot some of the photographers and earthSistas have met to create images of their own and hopefully we will get a chance to share them with you here.

In the meantime, check out these captures along with the uncensored collection we featured previously and share your thoughts.

Above, earthSistas Sekhmet, Nambi and Sindel are joined by photographers Lori Branch, Leonard Herring, Bobby Williams and Kenya Durden. Where the hell am I? Somebody had to take the picture! – Vincent

Our next Pangea Meet&Greet will be a Lakeside Stroll in October in Atlanta.
Do you want to join us? Let us know! Email us: udou@pangeasgarden.com

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