The problem with defying convention is never being pigeon-holed. On a morning stroll threw the Goat Farm, earthSistas Ororo and WildOrchid sport their uniquely casual fair that has aspects of Goth and Bohemian intermixed with a strong flavor of Afropunk. These urbanists are resourceful and creative in their approach to fashion, accenting everyday fair with unique and sentimental accessories, creating their own personal style. In their fantasy photoplay as Manic Pixie Dream Girls, they usually favor cosplay but when they are roaming the streets of Atlanta’s Little Five, this is one of the ways they role.


ManicLookbook_6160Black hood: Roses department store. $10. Makes me look like I can get away with a hijab.
Dress: Stole it from my sister (shout out to my baby sister whose sure as hell ain’t getting that shit back). A sundress for any weather
Wonder Woman panties: A gift from a guy when I was on my menstrual cycle
Rings: Checkerboard ring from Spencers. $10. A gift from my husband. Music note ring. From my ex boyfriend.
Bracelets: Black bands. Hot Topic Pfft for like $5. If you break them, it means I have to have sex with you. Seriously, color bands represents stupid shit from hugh school. The skull bracelet was a gift from another ex boyfriend of mine straight from Chiraq.
Piercings: Nose and tongue piercings done at XLNT Tattoos off Candler Road. I gauged my ear myself. All facial jewelry are from Spencers.
Thigh highs: American Apparel. $18. Worth it.
Boots: A Hispanic outlet store at the Northlake Mall in Atlanta, GA. $25.


ManicLookbook_6083Bandanna: I picked up at some beauty supply store $1
Skull Bra: Hot Topic. A gift from my favorite girlfriend, WildOrchid $18

Shorts: Hot Topic
Suspenders: Hot Topic $10
Thigh highs: American Apparel. $18.
Shoes: Bare Feet Shoes, I put the spikes myself
Cardigan: Hot Topic, I put the spikes myself
T-Shirt: Howling Star; the cool-ass band of my friend-with-benefits!