#BlackoutDay was created by: Marissa Rei, nukirk and T’von 

Since it’s inception, the 6th day of every third month has been declared  #blackoutday so the next one will be December 6th. With each date the number of followers and participants has increased, partially, due to it’s own momentum. Folks, who find the movement empowering simply don’t want to turn it on and off in a single day. So they continue to create their images and share them with the world. Sharing them with themselves, discovering and celebrating the beauty of their own inner pride and liberation.

Take this young Goddess for example. On IG she is the bootygawdess and this collection of images are her personal chronicles on Instagram and Tumblr as she has revealed in the self-discovery of loving all of the beautiful imperfections that make her flawless. It has been a revelry that could not be limited to one day. Why deny the world the opportunity to celebrate with you?

Because everyday is a good day to be black and out.