Hello everyone! earthSista Luna here!

In the hidden corners of Facebook there is a secret group. It’s that place where we all go to be free of the constraints of the colonized mind. It’s sexy and its woke. It’s that place where we let our unrestrained creativity flow free. Inspired by the beauty of pure blackness.

Erotica Africana.

Don’t look for it. If you ain’t in it you can’t find it. But it’s visions of art, inspired by pure afrosensuality, are shared here. It is proof that what we share here is not alone. It is not a trend. It is not a revolution. It is an evolution. It is an elevation of the decolonized mind. Periodically we are going to check in with group and share some of the captures that represent the diverse ideas on authentic black beauty and African-centered eroticism and while this is our first set of choices, know that it will not be our last.

Wake up. Be sexy.