The Evolution of SHE continues to exist through my presence in the garden.  As seeds are planted and our garden is cultivated, I am constantly asked what it means to be an earthSista.  In essence we are all unique, which is the heart of our movement.  Therefore, I can only express what an earthSista is to SHE.  Hopefully many of you can identify with my words or create your own identity within the Garden.

An earthSista is rare and raw. She embraces her true beauty within, by boldly accepting and personifying her natural essence through her presence. She has a sexy, sultry voice like earthSista Moess and is as convivial and daring as earthSistas Lotus and Henna.  earthSistas command your attention with their shapely hips and alluring legs like PhysiqueAE1, and are as graceful as Kirei Na and have an inviting spirit that makes you want to fly with BlaqButtaphly.  We are flawless through our imperfections and we are empowered by our authenticity.  Our sistas are not just free spirits, but our spirits are free to express our sensual individuality and celebrate our natural and divine beauty.


We are connected to ourselves and just like our garden grows, so do we individually and collectively through our desires to discover and OWN our bodies, our lives, our ideals and values.  earthSistas are different shades, shapes, scents and sizes, which is what makes Pangeas Garden so enchanting. Expect to see us everywhere because there is an earthSista for every scene and when you do feel free to join us. After all, it doesn’t take much to be beautiful, other than just being YOURSELF.  Welcome to the Garden.

  1. Author
    SHE 10 years ago

    I read this and am moved by our earthSistas all over again. Powerful and beautiful women.

  2. Kirei Na 10 years ago

    I loooooooooooooove this!! Gorgeous ladies!

  3. Cindy your MoreEssence 10 years ago

    Great Great Words!! I love my earthsistas. We are so beautiful in all ways!!

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