“I don’t know about tomorrow because God is Today.”

– earthSista Nubién

Open and free-spirted, Nubién is sassy, feisty and playful in front of the camera and she is not much different when she is up-close and personal. Nubién is that upbeat, uniquely determined Urbanista who ‘loves life despite all the obstacles that come her way.’ She will tell you without hesitation that she has no time for those who have no time for her and as you get to know her you quickly realize that she is simply a woman seeking to have and share happiness. The young student’s heart is in the arts (she is a poet and spoken word artist) and her savvy mind is constantly “reaching for knowledge, opening doors for success and kicking failure in the ass.”

A while back we asked this Arian earthSista to share her thoughts. This is what she had to say.

    1. How did you come to be connected with Pangaea’s Garden?
      Through Vincent, Pangea’s Gardener I believe through Facebook.
    2. Why did you decide to do your first earthSista image set?
      I did something natural; outdoors.
    3. How would you describe your personality/outlook on life?
      If you want something you can sit there and look around , go take it! But, be cautious. Hey, if you want it its yours. Just make a game plan.
    4. What color would you pick to describe your personality? Why?
      I love me some black, because it’s sexy yet strong. People don’t believe that the color in general can be subtle, but it can be .
    5. How would you describe your style? You feel most comfortable dressed in what?
      My style would be “Afrojazz-boho.” I love the natural and bohemian look but my poetic sense brings it together. I’m pretty simple, I love a tank top and shorts. If I could wear it all day I would. I also love to wear a dress.
    6. If there were one thing you would especially like for people to know about you, what would it be?
      I will not be limited to one category. I can fit in all.
    7. How old are you?
      I’m  22 years young on April 11
    8. Where are you from originally?
      I’m from Philadelphia born and raised
    9. Single or Committed? EarthSista or EarthMother?
      Single EarthSista
    10. Large or small family? And how diid that affect you?
      I have a large family. It makes me a loud, proud, bold, and protective person.  At the same time, it has its drawbacks.
    11. What cause would you fight for? What cause would you die for? What cause would you live for?
      Limited rights I would fight for, family I would die for,  love, I would live for.
    12. Who/what has been a major influence in your life to this point?
      Myself. I had to build myself to this point. Because everyone has different outlooks, but at the end of the day, everything will always be geared towards Nubéin. My struggle is my influence to let me know where I don’t want to live/visit anymore, and that there is something worth striving for.
    13. Name five artists that you’d have to have on your IPOD?
      Anita Baker, Rachelle Ferrell,  Lisa Fisher, Insert Jazz players here, and Kim Burnell
    14. Who/what are your major artistic influences?
      Poetry and natural beauty
    15. What are your hobbies/interests?
      Spoken word, modeling, singing badly, dance , sports (i.e basketball,  volleyball, and softall)
    16. Aside from work, what activities consume most of your time?
      School, poetry, striving to be a successful model.
  1. What’s your current occupation?
    Merchandising Team Lead/Sales Person
  2. What’s your Dream Job?
    To publicize poetry (spokenword) through marketing and also to have my own retail business
  3. What are your politics?
    Politics pshsh.
  4. Complete this sentence. “As a woman, I believe it’s especially important to…”
    To have confidence in the science of “this is a mans world”
  5. Complete this sentence. “Nothing is better than…”
    Nothing is better than cheesecake
  6. Your greatest moment?
    When I made up my mind that I would not settle for just satisfactory.
  7. Your most humbling moment?
    After I got hit by a Uhaul I realized that most of the people who I thought were here for me at the moment were not at the time.
  8. Is your hair natural? If so, for how long?
    Yes, and for three years.
  9. What turns you on?
    Confidence and flirtation. Naturalness and Poetry. Humbleness and Food.
  10. What pisses you off?
    Someone who does not realize how far that can go . People with a close minds
  11. Tomboy or GirlyGirl?
  12. Vegetarian or Barbarian?
  13. Whats your sign?
  14. Last Book Read?
    Sonia Sanchez “Shake loose My Skin”
  15. One think you want to do before you die?
    Live overseas
  16. Complete this sentence. “You have faith in …?”
    I have faith in God.





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