There’s a saying that I, as an artist, live by: “Art, like morality, starts by drawing a line somewhere.” Usually, after researching a photographer’s body of work, I can easily tell if working with them will either help or hinder the image I wish to portray as an art model. It wasn’t hard for me to deduct after reviewing Pangea’s site and social media, that overall I would NOT be satisfied with the end results. So then, why did I model for the site anyway? Before completely dismissing the entire site as Afro-centric soft core porn, I wanted to see just what he would make of my personality, my poses, my sensuality and my outspoken nature. I’m known for being as blunt as a 19th century guillotine, but in the most caring of ways (I’m compelled by the need to help in the only way I know how). How would he capture these characteristics? Was he even capable of seeing what see? Is there an honest connection to be had? I was pleasantly surprised by the results of my experimenting in the garden. He listens, he yields, and he delivers. He took the time to process all of me and that is apparent in the rawness of his captures. However, presentation is the missing key here. There is not a large quantity of those who would engage in a five star meal presented on the lid of a trash can. And although I do not wish to be ever defined as a “Pangea model” or an “earth sista” by association, I can’t say that I do not look forward to the experience of helping Pangea’s Garden with their stroke until the line they draw matches the moral they possess. What can I say…I’m a sucker for potential.

– GréLuna

Opinionated and strong-willed, GréLuna is an earthSista with a lot to say. As we strolled under a hot sun around lake of clear water under a blue sky we shared visions of where we thought the Garden should go along with visions of the types of images we should create for this shoot. Unlike most of the sistas who had participated in this series, GréLuna had reviewed the site and had broad provocative concepts on where she thought we should take the Garden. She spoke of quality of the work and and in no uncertain terms she found it lacking. She loved the vision and wanted to show us where we had gotten off track. She was harsh and I think she thought I might be offended by her opinions. Instead I was provoked and hoped she would bring these visions of hers to our little community. I don’t know if she will be interested in posing for my camera again. I do know that I would love to see her visions in the Garden. Whether we see those visions realized or if they are simply critical comments without action is up to her.

– Vincent