Akuol Garang de Mabior first came to notice in the Garden when we featured images of her captured by photographer Alexa Singer in the Nambian dessert.

The Sudanese beauty who was born in Cuba and raised in Kenya, daughter of the late John Garang de Mabior; leader of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army and the first Vice President of Sudan.

While her ‘mother agency’ is Ice Model Management in Cape Town, South African, the fantastic model is represented by Elite in Paris & London and Why Not Model Management in Milan. Sudan’s Akuol is a beautiful, charming, laid back model who is now based in New York.

“We need it to provoke radically positive transformation. I need it to realize some ideas that have carried me into an intentional life. Enthusiasm, I know it’s often unpopular. Run far away from anyone who would discourage you from being thoughtful, mindful, conscious or enthusiastic.” – Akuol