Eshe is many things. A singer, dancer, rapper, songwriter, mother and member of Arrested Development. She recently branched out on her own to embark on her solo career. Pangea was in the building for her video release party back in October, and we had a blast. We’ve decided to share our captures and her video for “Love Sick” with you. I can’t believe Vince sat on these images for this long; we won’t let that happen again, and I’m sure we’ll dig up even more image sets from our archives for you guys.

A little more about Eshe: She’s been touring with Arrested Development since she was a teen, winning Grammys and MTV Awards along the way. Her music is uplifting and socially conscious, just like her personality. She’s got an effervescent energy that beams from her high-wattage smile. You’ll see plenty captures of that smile below. Her passionate energy is contagious and you are sure to start smiling just by watching her.


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