Rambunctious and lively, earthSista AlleyCat is not just the life of the party, she is the passion. Giving, loving and a truly good spirit, the soldier poet’s zest for life is infectious. Thoughtful and unpretentious, the earthSista is an ocean of urban grace. Creative and open, AlleyCat shares her joys and pains through verses that leave you moved and inspired. Her spirit has taken her all over the world and her heart always brings her home. And she brings that wealth of experience and wisdom in the works she shares. earthSista. earthMother. Queen.

AlleyCat is truly the woman you step UP to.

    1. How did you come to be connected with Pangaea’s Garden?
      I saw a photo of an earthsista that was simply breath-taking.
    2. Why did you decide to do your first earthSista image set?
      I was in an awe state before and after seeing one particular  photo, I couldn‘t get the vision out of my thoughts; The raw beauty of the photo gave me with the desire to be what am, do what the Universe ask, a dwell with other flowers/ where I belong…an earthsista…growing…in the garden.
    3. How would you describe your personality/outlook on life?
      Life a daisy! I’m a daisy! Because I AM.
    4. What color would you pick to describe your personality? Why?
      Orange! I am Joy…
    5. How would you describe your style? You feel most comfortable dressed in what?
      I’m a Neo-Hippie, I guess. I love sun dresses, long mermaid skirts, holey jeans, no shoes, t-shirt and boi shorts and my all time favorite, a lovers dress shirt ! All of these bring the Hottness!!
    6. If there were one thing you would especially like for people to know about you, what would it be?
      …that I care so much that it appears that I don’t care at all sometimes; It’s not always easy being orange!
    7. How old are you?
      I have no idea…but for your records…42 in December.
    8. Where are you from originally?
      Under the sea…again for your records Baltimore, Maryland or as they say Bodymore Murderland! Lol!
    9. Single or Committed? EarthSista or EarthMother?
      I don’t have a life partner but I do have beautiful flowers that have bloomed now  preparing their own gardens and on their way to producing beautiful seeds.
    10. Large or small family? And how did that affect you?
      Baltimore was my family; so to me, my family was huge! Mother Baltimore produces the most magnificent melancholy beauty that others find intriguing…it made me a hopelessly loyal, desirably wealthy, AlleyCat…I love the product of the affect my family left with me.
    11. What cause would you fight for? What cause would you die for? What cause would you live for?
      Not truth, equality or freedom has the power to have me fight, die or live. Love is the only cause I know…nothing is greater (no homo!…ok a lil homo!)
    12. Who/what has been a major influence in your life to this point?
      I have. I am my own major influence.
    13. Name five artists that you’d have to have on your IPOD?
      I don’t have an iPOD I never caught up to mp3…I have my own drum! It plays Frank Sanatra’s Duet’s II, Bill Withers, Sade, Betty Davis (queen of funk), Mary Wells and Busta Rymes!
    14. Who/what are your major artistic influences?
      People. The people I surround myself with and the people who surrounds me. I truly have  great-great artist in my mist; Society’s Poet, Autumn Blaze, Aja Ray, oh my , so many, Tommy Bottoms, Teresa Davis…you! I am influenced every day by someone great that I can physically touch or call or text. I am blessed, I don’t have to watch TV, go to a concert, read a magazine or listen to the radio to experience major artistic-ness! ((Bty) I’m a poet, I have a license to make up words)
    15. What are your hobbies/interests?
      Poetry and PangeasGarden is my mind state.
    16. Aside from work, what activities consume most of your time?
      I don’t work. My time is engulfed with promoting beauty and the Universe through poetry, Pangea’s Garden and spreading good spirits…for real for real trying to spread good spirits can feel like work, but it isn’t just time consuming.
  1. What’s current occupation?
    I am not occupied.
  2. What’s your Dream Job?
    I don’t have a job and I believe no job is dreamy!
  3. What are your politics?
  4. Complete this sentence. “As a woman, I believe it’s especially important to…”
    know your worth! (and know what that means!)
  5. Complete this sentence. “Nothing is better than…”
    … a Chicken Box, Eggnog Frozen Cup and a blunt all  out the same Alley on Lexington Street in West Baltimore !!!! Le’me halla at you son!!!
  6. Your greatest moment?
    …was when I first saw Gods face. I gave Her a smooch!
  7. Your most humbling moment?
    …was when I gave birth and saw Her face, Her eyes looking straight in me, I laid there totally exposed and vulnerable in Her honor it was then I realized how much greater than me my seed is.
  8. Is your hair natural? If so, for how long?
    Yes. Maybe a foot or so I guess.
  9. What turns you on?
    I do.
  10. What pisses you off?
    I do.
  11. What is your vice of choice?
    MaryJane…I love her…and she loves me!
  12. What is your virtue of choice?
  13. Tomboy or GirlyGirl?
  14. Words to live by?
    If your talking about what you did yesterday that means you are not doing anything today!
  15. Vegetarian or Barbarian?
    VeggieBar!!! I like to balance the Universe! Lol!
  16. Whats your sign?
  17. Favorite TV Show or Movie?
    I don’t watch TV be the show I surprising love when I am near one is The New Adventures of old Christine. My favorite move is The Little Princess with Shirley Temple.
  18. Last Book Read?
    On Mulberry Street by Dr. Suess
  19. One thing you want to do before you die?
    Smoke a blunt with Michelle Obama…Don’t judge me.
  20. Complete this sentence. “You have faith in …?
    The Universe.



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  1. Sepia 9 years ago

    You can’t help but to love AlleyCat! Love her transparency with her answers. 🙂 <3

  2. Michael Miguel 8 years ago

    Loved the answer to her Occupation! She is not occupied. Hilarious but true. Much respect AlleyCat

  3. vincent 7 years ago

    I don’t know how I missed this! I LOVE this sista!

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