“i often find myself in awe of how much variety there is to the feminine form and how it can all be beautiful in some way… and while i appreciate the typical standards of beauty that we see in western society, very few women are beautiful in that way. i hope to see the day when everyone embraces the beauty that is theirs.”

– an excerpt from CHD:WCK’s Artist Statement

There is an unique afrocentric aesthetic that flies in the face of the conventional eurocentric standard of  today. It is bold, broad and deep and it speaks to a beauty that is both inside and out. As part of it’s mission Pangea’s Garden seeks to feature the vision of artists whose works exalt the beauty and culture of the afrosensual aesthetic. CHD:WCK’s works are a vision that broaden the perspective and these images are a sampling of his works. A broader, deeper sample is available in the Garden by clicking on the link below.



CHD:WCK! is a self-taught visual artist born and raised in East Orange, NJ. While studying graphic design at The Art Institute of Charlotte in North Carolina, he connected with and became immersed in the local art community. Through photography and other artistic mediums he captures and creates a unique perspective on beauty to connect with the world around him.

Themes that appear repeatedly in his work, are: women and standards of beauty, the cultural influence of music (often hip hop and jazz), and nature as it reflects God. CHD:WCK! is currently working on making his art a more cohesive experience bringing his photography and mixed media work together. You can see more from CHD:WCK! at http://chdwck.com/.


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  1. Bulitoni Lulama 6 years ago

    A very sensitive presentation of the black feminine, truly needed to help bring balance to our Afro-sensual growth, and there by set our own standard of beauty, may this approach continue and grow I pray.

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