Been copycattin’ everybody’s image lately.

My tattoo artist has two tongue piercings side-by-side. The most creative sh*t I’ve seen. He inspired me to give my tongue  two piercings.

Why pierced downward instead of side-by-side? More tongue action can go a long way *winks*

Was I nervous? Hell yeah, from beginning to the bloody end.

Which piercing did I expect it to hurt the most? My tongue.



Which one ended up hurting the most? My right tittay.


How am I coping with the pain? I can’t cope. Sadly I won’t be able to eat like I want for two weeks. I truly got my tongue pierced to fix my diet. I figured not eating how I have always ate, like burgers and nachos, will help me lose my gut. I am exercising too. But the best place to start is through a better diet.  I just hope in two weeks I can look great, feel great, and possibly eat better. Am I regretting my tongue piercings? Yes.

WildOrchid by Anthony Westmoreland

Pangea’s Nature Stroll Series… The moments are unique and timeless. There is a symphony of scents and sounds as well as visions that intertwine to create and extraordinary body of stimuli. When you are there, you can’t help but be inspired by God’s design. this was the backdrop for the beautiful women who have all taken part in this extraordinary rich series of images that are still never ending. Momentary strolls that were reflective, imaginative, provocative and creative led to some revealing moments in which beauty both inside and out was exposed.



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