Tantra Massage… for me, that’s how it all started – my explorations of smoke and color.

It was the first shoot to feature an earthBrotha with an earthSista. earthBrotha EROS. He is a massage therapist and he wrote an informative editorial to compliment the images we created for one of the first Afrosensual Aesthetic features. And while I’d experimented with colored lights before, I’d never used smoke. And even for this shoot there were no smoke machines; simply incense whose only purpose at the time was enhance the experience for the artists who were participating.

And then something happened.


The smoke from the incense stick found it’s way in front of my camera and ‘posed,’ for lack of a better expression for the capture, elegantly dancing it’s way in front of the models. And, suddenly, I had another path of creative discovery. It is one of my paths still. This collection of images are from one of my most recent forays into this noir-styled genre. It’s prologue to a workshop in which I will work with other photographers, showing them the techniques I’ve employed over the past few years. I hope you like these and I can hardly wait to see what we do next.

earthSistas Ororo and GréLuna are the muses for this collection. What do you think?