PG30TAJ_1404When it comes to my definition of a woman of authentic afrosensual beauty, I think of TAJ. I met her several years ago, right after we’d change the original Pangaea blog to the website. I was attending a Black August event hosted by revolutionary Kalonji Changa and she stepped to the stage. I knew nothing of this beautiful woman with the butterfly tattooed across her chest but there was something about her… something from within… a strength, a sense of character that provoked my interests and made me curious. And the more I knew of her, the more I realized that it was her inner beauty pouring out, enriching outer beauty.

A seeker of truth and a fire fighter, TAJ is a revolutionary herself. TAJ is the National Coordinator of M.O.B.B. Mothers Of Black & Brown Babies at the FTP Movement which deals with a plethora of issues including (but not limited to); Education, hunger, homelessness, police brutality, political prisoners, health, youth development and gang intervention. TAJ is a proud mother raising four young kings, whose futures and richness is not limited by the standards of a colonized mind. She is not a woman you step to but a woman you step UP to. And from a distance she can appear intimidating; but only if you not real and (lol) only if you are full of bull.

TAJ is a conscious sista who is not full of hubris nor false piety. Comfortable and confident in her skin, she strives for strength of body, mind and spirit, setting the the example for others to follow. And before I knew anything about her, she was inspiring and beautiful to me on that night I met her before she stepped to the stage.

– Vincent