We were being a little bit impulsive.

earthSista NIQUE called me, told me she had an AirBNB for the night and she wanted to shoot. I had (and still have) only a dozen other tasks on my plate but when she called, I did not hesitate. Honestly, I curious about the location and inspired by the MUSE.

NIQUE says that is was one of her favorite spaces and I could see why. Slightly secluded on Atlanta’s southside, the AirBNB condo space allowed for just enough natural light to flow through to create a subtle, soothing mood. It was warm, colorful and intimate; cozy with a touch of romance.

This earthSista has a collection of spaces like this one, that she uses for momentary interludes and, typically, she’s not alone in the impulsive excursions. Maybe, on another day, we’ll join her when she returns. But on this particular day, as the sun dropped slowly into the western sky, it was all about her. NIQUE was feeling herself and it felt good.

It looked good too. Wouldn’t you agree?

Vincent, Pangea’s Gardener

All of the captures from these features are from TCV Photography

Pangea’s Nature Stroll Series… The moments are unique and timeless. There is a symphony of scents and sounds as well as visions that intertwine to create and extraordinary body of stimuli. When you are there, you can’t help but be inspired by God’s design. this was the backdrop for the beautiful women who have all taken part in this extraordinary rich series of images that are still never ending. Momentary strolls that were reflective, imaginative, provocative and creative led to some revealing moments in which beauty both inside and out was exposed.


The Afrosensual Aesthetic is the GardenVoice that pushes the limits and deepens the perspective. It is still be done from a position of respect, pride and joy, but here we will be able to explore themes that don’t quite fit within the earthSista box. Its is a place for the sensual lovermakers and the premium cultivators. Check it out and share your thoughts and ideas and passions.



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