In Atlanta, there’s a cool coffeehouse called Octane. And while there are probably cool coffeehouse joints like it an every city in America, this one is a little special to me because its the first place I told anyone about my ideas regarding Pangea’s Garden. I spoke to one of my friends about it as I was setting up the blog and I met the first model who ever agreed to be on the site there, on that day. So I go here when I am kicking ideas around with some of the others about the Garden. I drink really expensive beers (yeah, I go to a coffehouse to drink the beer) that have a great kick and have a good time brainstorming.

A few months ago, AntiquityLashay and I were hanging out there. After reading the, then, upcoming column of Scottie Lowe (Deep Inside My NeoSoul), she and I were tossing around ideas for images to complement the entry. AntiquityLashay had gone through the trouble to bring some old school headphones to the joint and I’d become enamored with lighting and the brickwalls at Octane. So we proceeded to annoy the customers by creating a few captures. Its was fun, but, later, after we discussed it we decided the images needed to be more explicit and Ryka ended up being the earthSista in the final shoot. But you never got a chance to see the images we created that day so I thought I’d show them now.

Do you think we made the right choice?