Hi, I am Nefertiti of the nefTUNES and I host the weekly event, the Creative Culture Collective or the CCC. In Atlanta, I am fortunate to be exposed to some of the hottest new talents making themselves known. They are the gifted troublemakers who rewrite the script and change the world with bold and innovative beats and melodies that move us all.

As such, recently we were blessed with the opportunity to host The Official Listening Party for Singer-Songwriter-Soulstress, AJA RAY’s, upcoming album, Finding My Way @ A R.A.R.E. Experience (R.aw A.rtistic R.adical E.cclectic).

Honored with her graceful presence at Jamaica Flava, performances of songs from the upcoming album, as well as classic favorites, we were all smiles as AJA RAY took the stage.

It was a blissful event where we took the time to document this momentous occasion in interview, video and photo…

Watch this exclusive video, read our one-of-a-kind interview and ‘Find Your Way’ with AJA RAY.

1. Who is AJA RAY?

A singer on her way & Finding her way!

2. Your upcoming album, “Finding My Way” is highly anticipated in the creative community. What would you say is the overall message you’re sending with this project?

Affirmation Music!!!
Be the change this world needs!
I love to express myself; It has really brought a lot of happiness to my life.
It’s a labor of Love and necessity for me and I hope it brings whatever is needed into the life of the listeners.
Every time I hear it… I get happy and feel UNSTOPPABLE!!

3. Which song do you think best describes AJA RAY?

So Inspired
Life is what it is but you got to keep going.
I get inspired multiple times daily, I would want to be an inspiration also.

4. Can you tell us what it was like growing up in your Grandfather’s church?

It was fun to grow-up in that environment.
And It gave me a strong foundation, More than anything it taught me to go against the grain.
I was brought into this world learning to love and honor God I’m grateful for that.

5. If you could name one experience that changed your life forever what would it be?

That’s hard everything in my life has been a great lesson and addition to my life…
when I was in about 10th grade, I Changed schools.
It was a total shift to my world i was exposed to so many real world experiences.
I was already very intuitive and mature for my age this change made me become more aware and I sought answers.
I wanted to discover any and everything.
Theater… being on stage realizing a gift I had…
Entertaining & Uplifting people.

6. How have your experiences with fans changed your perspective as a music fan?

I LOVE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I respect so much the Energy and Sacrifice we give to share this beautiful art form…
but it’s worth it and so needed just as a lot of other crafts and handy works that we have to continue to peruse with the Arts they are the Keys

7. How do you honor yourself?

I give to others, I help as much as possible it keeps feeling ALIVE!

8. Where is your happy place?

Other than on stage!  At home chillen with my Family…cooking!

9. Are there any projects you’re working on besides the upcoming release of “Finding My Way”?

Touring Seeing the world through song!! Publik Transit is always moving…