Down by the Riverside…

It was a day spent in reverence and appreciation by Keepers of the Way with BlaqButtaply…

The sun was bright and the breeze was cool. The wind whispered through the trees carrying the beats of drums and the praises of ancestors honored, elevated and remembered for all they have done for us.

Earlier in the day, workshops were held, teaching the importance of honoring their ancestors while others learned Egun songs and dances. (Egun is another name for Ancestor.) It was a day of remembrance; a celebration of humble graciousness.

The Keepers of the Way are a collaboration of families of African traditional practitioners coming together to venerate our Ancestors for the perpetual healing of our communities. And their mission is to unite all of the descendants of Africa in the celebration of the life and legacy of those who came before us.

This day of reverence is a ritual that Keepers of the Way help people of the African Diaspora maintain their connection with those who shoulders upon which we stand. Forebears both recent and ancient are remembered. Our great leaders were praised along with our past loved ones. No actions were taken without libation and approval of elders. And in the midst of the dance, drum and song, the revered ancestors were invited and welcomed to join in as well. Some were ‘touched’ by the grace of past loved ones. The experience was a blessing.

The Ancestor Celebration happened during the Summer of 2011 at the Sweetwater Park Creek in Atlanta. It was well-received and another is currently planned for May 2012 at the same location. Maybe you can join in.



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