I’ve been shooting a nude series for a little over 5 years & I want to to publish a collection of coffeetable books derived from the work. My “Velvet Painting Series” is designed to be beautifully arousing… celebrating the sexual potency and freedom of wonderfully diverse women. “The Velvet Painting” started as one book… but has evolved into a series of books.

After submitting my books to some art book publishers, I was told that they were unable to find a place for these types of projects in their book schedule. And the closing of many bookstores (local and major chains) along with book purchasing being on the decline doesn’t make it any easier to find an art book publisher for The Velvet Painting Series. At this point, I hope to eliminate the middle man and self-publish these books for all to enjoy.

Manifold from Jirard on Vimeo.

I plan to make each book 144 pages, with a hardcover binding. Currently, I am seeking funding to help cover printing fees & shipping costs for all four books. The more money raised, the more books we can print! 🙂



Book 1: The Velvet Painting – Influenced by the black velvet paintings of the 70’s, “The Velvet Painting” is a nude series with a strong focus on the interplay between light and shadow.

Book 2: The Light – Mostly silhouette shots, “The Light” is the product of a Triangular Love Affair – My Camera, The Model & The Light.

Book 3: Accoutrements – focus on accessories: jewelry, shoes, hats, coats, etc…

Book 4: The Spirit – Slow shutter speeds, shutter drag, & multiple exposure come together to create a very ethereal style in “The Spirit”. All effects are created in-camera.

As a photographer, I strive to capture the true essence of my models. While my work is definitely not void of deliberation, I wouldn’t consider it overtly intentional. Although I may set the stage, I like my shoots to be organic, free-flowing collaborations between the subject & I. The ideas constantly evolve & the resultant images are reflective of our shared energy.

Jirard’s Noir Room – Dallas Urban Fashion Week 2009 from Jirard on Vimeo.



Jirard’s vision is a work in progress. After speaking to him, I found him to be a man with a plan along with a body of work that we have only seen a taste of here. This is not the first time The Velvet Painting Series has been featured in the Garden (click here to see the previous story) and as it continues the grow, I can assure you that this will not be the last. Indeed, this vision and the works that are its children deserve our attention and support. Would you not agree?


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  1. Sepia 9 years ago

    Jirard’s work is exquisite. The Manifold video is just intoxicating. I can’t wait to see more from him. 🙂

  2. Pierre Senip 9 years ago

    Love the different themes! Speaking with the image of the eye.

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