I live completely in my body.

I respond to its whims, its impulses, its drive. I can’t help myself when a see a wry smile from a man (or woman) at the far end of the bar. A whiskey, or two, might loosen my lips and I’ll sidle over to the patron and strike up a conversation. You see, I’m an extrovert by nature–in a world that seems to be filled with more and more introverts. I can’t restrain myself from complimenting his smile, his broad shoulders, or a the stubble of his second day beard. I’m motivated by a spiritual force, one that feeds on sexuality and sensuality.

We all know of Aphrodite, but many of us have not heard of my patron power–Oshun.

The West African deity that drives beauty, sensuality, spirituality, growth, Oshun is the Ifa orisha in a pantheon of African energies that shape our own personal spirits. We are each driven by one: Obatala, Shango, Oya, Ogun…mine is Oshun. Pure desire. Pure flesh. She is coquetry at its finest and when I walk across the bar to speak, she is guiding my hips, my slightly parted lips, my everything. I love her so much that I have her tattooed on my body–as she sits showing her firm breasts, holding a mirror aloft. When you see me, in the garden or on the street, she may be inhabiting me at any time. I follow her lead. Will you follow Oshun with me?

earthSista JadeFox
My patron orisha, Mama Oshun

My patron orisha, Mama Oshun

Pangea’s Nature Stroll Series… The moments are unique and timeless. There is a symphony of scents and sounds as well as visions that intertwine to create and extraordinary body of stimuli. When you are there, you can’t help but be inspired by God’s design. this was the backdrop for the beautiful women who have all taken part in this extraordinary rich series of images that are still never ending. Momentary strolls that were reflective, imaginative, provocative and creative led to some revealing moments in which beauty both inside and out was exposed.

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