A while back, I ran this workshop for the Garden. The intent was to enhance expressive nudes with colour and while my primary responsibility was assist and instruct attending photographers on creating their images, I, also, felt compelled to create a few of my own. In this featured, I worked with new earthSistas  Blvckbirdi and Adessa who were adorned in the jewel designs of Pangea’s stylist, Yaisa of Sun Goddess Jewelry. I created what I believe to be some of my more artistic images. My intention was to create captures that were sensual, dramatic and full of mood and attitude. I feel like this was a very successful shoot because the models didn’t hold anything back and they were so receptive of one another.

I would love to get feedback on what you all think of the images. I’ve created images that have ended up in collections in the Garden before but this is the first feature that I have personally contributed. What do you think?