She is an earthSista of many names, many dimensions. She’s a diva, she’s the MF Boss, she’s and urbanista princess who loves being Bela. Before she did her first earthSista shoot, the impulsive Menina strolled the tracks and as I created this handful of captures, there is a symbolism that is evident to me. She has been on a path of her own choosing for a little while. One filled with determination and glamour and light. But it also has it rocky roads ahead and in the past. The impulsive sista embraces all of it and finds strength, edge and swagger in ever step of her path. She has the confidence of an ambitious princess determined to be the queen. And as she moves forward, in her wake, she leaves followers and haters, both of which are her motivators.

Again,  these were her first captures, and they lead to her appearances in Scottie Lowe‘s ” At Last” as well her upcoming image set that is a part of the Nature Stroll Series (look forward within the week.) After that, who knows, but it will be nothing short of fabulous.

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  1. SHE 10 years ago

    I LOVE Bela Menina…She is so free

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