At the roots of the Garden is Scottie Lowe’s perspective on healthy Black sexuality. Back in the early days, Scottie, the founder of AfroerotiK, was a Contributor to Pangea’s Garden. Her stories and commentaries laid the foundation that allowed the Afrosensuals in the Garden to question the cultures inhibitions imposed on us. She asked the questions that we didn’t even know existed and called out the lies when no one else had the balls to. Scottie is provocative, uncomfortable arousing and inspiring. Uncomfortable because, make no mistake, she will destroy anything you ever thought as a comfort zone.

Ten years ago, Scottie shared her perspective on Healthy BLACK Sexuality…

…Where do intelligent, middle class Black people turn to find sexual expression? What outlets do we have to be aroused without offensive, degrading, vulgar pornographic images? My work is providing such an outlet yet I’m continually and repeatedly told that my work is offensive. What’s offensive is a nation of Black people who can’t form healthy relationships because they don’t know how to be open and honest with their partners about their needs, desires, and fantasies. What’s offensive is that as an educated successful Black woman, I’m told that I’m a freak if I even make reference to sex, however academic the discussion…

…The African American community is diseased in our perceptions of sexuality. The middle class can’t even have a conversation about sex; we can’t even have a discussion about the subject of sex before someone is trying to censor it. The rest of us are out having unprotected, irresponsible sex like it’s recreation. There’s a vast difference between saying, “I’m a big booty ho looking to swallow seven loads of cum,” and “I long to feel the sensation of your tongue licking me until I explode in your mouth.”…

…The more we compartmentalize our sex, the more we allow our sexuality to be defined as dirty. Sure, not every conversation is appropriate for every venue but not every one is inappropriate either. The very same people who are sooooo quick to try to silence me at the mere mention of the word erotic are the very same people masturbating to images of pornography that degrade, demean, and objectify us as a people because they refuse to allow any other avenue of sexual expression to be acceptable…

…Until we as a people can discern the difference, until we as a people can stop relegating anything to do with sex as being dirty and unmentionable, we are doomed to be dysfunctional and sexually immature. We should be able to have discussions about sex in all forums, with relative boundaries in mind, and not be so quick to feign false indignation as if sex is dirty and unmentionable…

These are just a few excerpts from an in depth commentary that includes insights into Scottie’s personal journey as a writer of erotica as well as knowledge into the health and healing of Black Sexuality in this disfunctional American culture. Check out the WHOLE STORY by clicking on the banner below and logging in. Scottie’s journey is not her’s alone. It’s one that we are all on and one that we, as a village… as Garden… must take steps to move forward and heal… together.

Move forward and live YOUR Garden Life.

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