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remembering a PRINCE…

Prince died in his Paisley Park on Thursday morning. Prince Rogers Nelson was born on June 7, 1958. And a 20 years later he burst on the scene with music, that others say defied genres. It didn’t. It defined it own.Indeed, Prince sought to provoke, arouse and inspire as his method of entertaining you. He was eccentric. He was kinky. He was controversial. He was, also, a genius, a showman, an activist and an icon. He was purple and he was loved for all of it. So, tonight, have a drink to celebrate his life and make sure to pour a glass for he who has transcended on...

A look back at Prince on Arsenio's show performing 'She’s Always In My Hair'. Make sure and check out our feature on him and share your memories in the comments. The passing of a PRINCE

melanin – pangea’s afrosocial at apache cafe

It was a different kind of date night… adorned in the the jewels of Zeus DeShaman our models, CoreyCorey and earthSista Raine, paid homage to the love of the Pharaohs. Inspiring the creativity of artists and photographers, they struck poses that were bold, bare and openly sensual. They were provocative and arousing, inspiring the patrons who were on a simple date and got so much more than they expected. It was the Pangea’s AfroSocial on an ArtMonday at Atlanta’s Apache Cafe. According to Apache it is “an interactive creative evening melding several mediums of underground arts featuring figure models who serve as the night’s muse for all of the engergies present.” Add food, drink and music the evening made for the perfect date night. The lounge is located two blocks north of The Varsity in midtown. For more info, go to their website,

Apache Cafe - Melanin from SnapMyFace on Vimeo.

This is a production of Robert McGlon of SnapMyFace Photography. To contact him or see more of his work go to

Around the Garden

Want spend thirty minutes in the Garden?

Often, we hear of conversations of inspiration with sistas about the Garden. Photographers are inspired by a sista’s presence and/or she is curious and inspired by the images in Pangea and this leads to discussions creating captures of afrosensual glamour, possibly as earthSistas. It takes a level of boldness to step in front of the camera, baring your natural beauty for the world to see. And such an action is not for everyone. But every woman should have the opportunity to explore her inner diva. Thirty Minutes in the Garden is a way to do that from an afrosensual perspective. CLICK on the images below to see sistas who already have and ask yourself: Would you want spend thirty minutes in the Garden?