the afrosocial captured by wendell cinema

At Pangea's AfroSocial for October earthSistas WildOrchid and SimoneMonet were the featured inspirations for the artists and photographers at Apache Cafe. Adorned in the body art of Ashaunti of AWAWA Nights, the beautiful nubians were decorated in themes relating to Breast Cancer Awareness and FELABRATION. Corey Wendell of Wendell Cinema. was there to capture the behind the scenes of the evening. The original KICKBACK earthSistas were on the block and the night was rich with beauty, and culture and afrosensuality. earthSistas are ALWAYS the perfect MUSES.

Apache Cafe Breast Cancer Awareness from Wendell Cinema on Vimeo.

To see more Wendell Cinema’s work check out their VIMEO channel at https://vimeo.com/coreywendell

Around the Garden

Want spend thirty minutes in the Garden?

Often, we hear of conversations of inspiration with sistas about the Garden. Photographers are inspired by a sista’s presence and/or she is curious and inspired by the images in Pangea and this leads to discussions creating captures of afrosensual glamour, possibly as earthSistas. It takes a level of boldness to step in front of the camera, baring your natural beauty for the world to see. And such an action is not for everyone. But every woman should have the opportunity to explore her inner diva. Thirty Minutes in the Garden is a way to do that from an afrosensual perspective. CLICK on the images below to see sistas who already have and ask yourself: Would you want spend thirty minutes in the Garden?